Delivery Information

FAN Courier Express (referred to as FAN/ FAN Courier) provides services included in the domain of universal services, but also not included in the domain of universal services, under the following conditions:

FAN Courier only takes over shipments wrapped and labelled appropriately by the sender. By handing in the shipments to the FAN agent, the expeditor agrees with the FAN Courier terms and conditions, no matter if they sign or not the transport document (AWB).


The expeditor is responsible for the correctness of the information filled in on the transport document (AWB), as well as for the appropriate wrapping and labelling of parcels.

In case of inappropriately wrapped shipments, FAN Courier is not responsible for any possible deterioration of the shipment during transportation.

The shipments must not contain:

-       Goods which, by their nature or the way they are packed, can do harm to people, the environment, installation or other goods;

-       Wrapping which show inscriptions that are against public order or good manners, respectively goods which are against public order or good manners, in they come unwrapped;

-       Goods whose transportation is interdicted by law: weapons, ammunition, drugs, toxic, inflammable, explosive material;

-       Goods that require special transport conditions, according to legal, economic, sanitary, veterinary dispositions: works of art, antiques, gold, silver, gems, perishable goods, living animals, etc.

FAN Courier has the right to reject the shipments which contain any of the merchandise described above, as well as shipments which do not follow the FAN Courier wrapping conditions.

FAN Courier has the right to refuse to hand in the shipment to the receiver in case the expeditor/ receiver did not fully pay the corresponding tariff.

The shipment takeover is performed by the personnel employed at the FAN Courier work sites or by courier at the address indicated by the expeditor:

Individuals: Shipments with declared value or reimbursement will be picked up with a packing list/ check contents. In the packing list the following will be mentioned: the products inside, series, codes and value of products/ the state of the merchandise (tick new product/ second hand product) for open goods.

The FAN courier will supervise the completion of the form, the products wrapping and will check the products on the list are the same as the ones in the parcel.

FAN Courier is not responsible for the truthfulness of the information regarding the merchandise and filled in by the expeditor in the form ‘Content Specifications’.

Corporate: shipments without declared value, with declared value or reimbursement will be picked up sealed.

The shipment will be delivered to the address indicated by the sender, personally to the receiver or the person authorised to receive the shipment.

The delivery of the shipment can be done on Saturday if the expeditor has specified ‘Delivery on Saturday’ on the transport document (AWB) in the rubric ‘Observations’.

At the moment of pick up, the parcels will be weighed and measured and the weight which will be taken into consideration will be either the actual or the volumetric weight, whichever is greater.

The volumetric weight will be calculated as follows: length x width x height/6000.


In the FAN Courier warehouse, the parcels will be sorted/ weighted by the sorting system.

In case there are differences between the data on the AWB and the report of the sorting system, FAN Courier has the right to modify the weight of the shipments according to the information in the report. The sorting system uses a homologated and metrologically certified balance. The sender will be informed in writing about the changes regarding the weight of the shipment.

During the period the shipment is in their possession, FAN Courier Express will not use any handling methods that, by the activity of the employees or by external factors, may damage or deteriorate the shipment or its content.

Also, FAN Courier Express does not require the right to open the shipment and will not open the shipment and will not use any handling methods which may allow them or other people to view the contents of the shipment.

In case of the ‘Reimbursement’ service, at the moment of shipment delivery, FAN Courier Express will cash the counter value of the shipment, declared by the expeditor or they will take over another parcel, envelope or any other product requested by the sender and will eventually deliver it back to the sender in 48 hours’ time.

In case of ‘Money Order’, FAN Courier, in base of a form that will include the information requested by the current regulations, will receive the amount of money and will transfer it in the receiver’s account/ or will resend it to the receiver in 48 hours’ time.

 ‘Proof of delivery’ (scanned AWB) – postal service which means the expeditor will receive a proof regarding the delivery of their shipment. It will be sent via fax or e-mail in case of written request from part of the sender, in 48 hours’ time.

FAN Courier Express will return the shipment to the expeditor and will charge a tariff equal to the tour AWB, if the shipment could not be delivered to the receiver because of the following reasons:

  • The address of the receiver does not exist or there is no building at the address so that there is no place where the agent could hand in the shipment;
  • The receiver/ the person authorized to receive the shipment could not be found at the address and the period of time the shipment can be kept at a FAN location has expired;
  • The receiver or the person authorized to receive the shipment refused the receipt.



In the second situation mentioned above, as well as in any other situations which are not included in the list above, FAN Courier Express will notify the receiver about the existence of a shipment, the work site where they can pick it up and will keep the shipment at the work site for 14 days.

The shipments which were neither delivered to receiver nor returned to the sender will be kept for 9 months in the FAN Courier Express warehouse in Bucharest. If neither the sender nor the receiver claims the shipment, it will become, with no previous notification or formality, property of FAN Courier Express. In case the sender or the receiver request FAN Courier to keep the shipment at their disposal, they will be charged 1 leu/ day.

FAN Courier Express guarantees the delivery of any shipment in good conditions and full confidentiality, anywhere on the territory of Romania in average time of 24 hours and maximum time of 36 hours, except for non-working days, legal holidays or force majeure.

For shipments of more than 3 m length or over 50 kg weight – the shipment will be delivered out from FAN Courier Express locations. The time of delivery does not include weekends and legal holidays. To respect these terms FAN Courier benefits from 68 routes established between fix locations and especially structured so that every shipment should be picked up from the collecting centre in maximum 12 hours from pick up; also FAN Courier Express auto vehicles delivering shipments reach every fix location at least once.

FAN Courier Express has established a complaint solving mechanism which proves to be easy, transparent and accessible, especially regarding loss, partial or total damage, deterioration of shipments or failure in respecting the quality standards of services (delivery terms etc.) The proceedings allow the right/fair and prompt settlement of complaints as well as an adequate system of reimbursement of compensation.

FAN Courier Express is not obliged to take into consideration a complaint unless the counter value of the transport services has been paid.

The term for introducing a complaint addressed to the provider of postal services is 6 months and it is calculated from the date when the shipment was handed in.

The provider of postal services has the obligation to solve the complaint in 3 months’ time from the moment it was introduced.


The expeditor/ receiver who is not satisfied with our services can make a written complaint via e-mail at, telephone 021.9336 or can send it in an envelope at our address Sos de Centura nr 31, Stefanestii de Jos, Jud Ilfov, to Customer Service department.

The complainer must send all necessary documents regarding their complaint and claims to FAN Courier so that correct and complete analysis can be made (copy of AWB, written record of findings, conclusive invoices, wrapping/ product for examination). The complaints regarding the packaging, number of parcels or their weight will be made at the moment of delivery and not afterwards.

The Customer Service Department will confirm the receipt of the complaint either over the telephone or by e-mail, in case the complainer previously mentioned his e-mail address and required to be sent information by e-mail, or by post in the case or written complaint. FAN Courier will answer the complainer in writing, by e-mail, fax or post, according to the way the complaint or request has been sent.

Any complaint will be registered in the ‘Electronic Complaint Register’ and the requester will be compensated in accordance with the type of service, the declared or undeclared value in 30 days’ time from the date of favourable solving of the complaint.


If the complaint is well grounded, the compensation will be granted cash if the requester is individual entity and by bank draft or compensation, if the requester is corporate entity. The complaint will be considered well grounded if, according to contract agreement or legal dispositions, FAN Courier Express is obliged to grant compensation. FAN Courier collects and delivers shipments by own means, collaborates with other postal service providers, but jointly answers to its customers, as follows:

-       In the event of loss, theft, total or partial damage of shipments which make the object of a non-declared value service, FAN Courier grants a compensation equal to the amount of 10 times the tariff for a parcel, regardless the weight;

-       In the event of loss, theft or total damage of the shipments which make the object of a declared value service, FAN Courier Express grants compensation equal to the whole amount of the declared value, if the customer has paid an additional fee of 1% of the value declared in advance.

-       In case the customer has paid the additional fee of 1% they are compensated according to the declared value and the fully compensated shipment goes into FAN Courier custody.

In the event of loss, theft or partial damage of the goods that make the object of a service with declared value, if the customer has paid the additional fee of 1% of the declared value, FAN Courier Express grants compensation equal to the value corresponding to the missing, damaged or lost part, as it is proved. For the events listed above, except for the compensation mentioned before, the tariffs charged at shipment pick up are also returned.

FAN Courier Express is exonerated from responsibility under the following conditions:

-       The damage took place as a result of sender’s deed;

-       The damage took place as a result of third party’s deed, which, according to law, FAN Courier is not responsible;

-       The shipment was received at destination without objection, except for the complaints regarding loss, theft, total or partial damage of contents of shipment;

-       The damage took place as a result of majeure force; in this case, the sender has the right to be returned the tariffs he previously paid, except for the insurance cost.


FAN Courier is provider of ‘Express’ Services and guarantees the delivery of internal shipments, as follows:

  • 12 hours for same locality shipments;
  • 24 hours for shipments delivered within any county on the territory of Romania;
  • 24 hours for shipments from one county capital city to another;
  • 36 hours for any shipment which are not included in any of the situations above and which will be delivered between any two localities within the territory of Romania.

In the event FAN Courier Express exceed the terms above for imputable reasons, they will grant free delivery of the shipment or a new free shipment.

FAN Courier Express is registered at the National Authority of the Supervision of Personal Information Processing under number 4487 and the acceptance of FAN Courier Express terms and conditions implies the customer’s agreement to personal information processing, in accordance with Law 677/2001.