CATA LHV-400 with 3150 m³/h, IP44, 230V, 50Hz, 215 W, 1400RPM

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Ventilator for restaurants, bars, room Wall and Window Installation Elegant design, high performance and quality Axial fans with metal protective grill. They are characterized by very low operational noise, easy assembly and easy maintenance.

USE: Ventilation of social rooms, offices, waiting rooms, restaurants and similar spaces. Mounting in a vertical position with a drain across the wall or through the window. The fan is designed to operate in an indoor environment with ambient temperature from 0 to + 40 ° C, for the transport of clean air without dust, grease, chemical vapors and other pollution. It is also necessary to ensure that the ventilator does not freeze and the condensate of water from the cooler environment (outside) does not flow into it.

CABINET: The housing and the front cover are made of mechanically resistant ABS ABS in white color with high color stability. The front cover has a metal protective grille. At the lower edge, the front cover is secured with one screw.

CURRENT WHEEL: The axial impeller is made of ABS.

MOTOR: Asynchronous with short armature. Models with a diameter of 190 and above use a starting capacitor. The engine is equipped with sliding bearings with grease for life and axial bearing for horizontal mounting. It is also equipped with a one-time thermal overload protection. The working temperature is max. 40 ° C. Degree of protection is IPX4. Power supply 230V / 50Hz. LHV 160 and LHV 300 are in Class II (double insulation).

EXHAUST: The terminal block is accessible after unscrewing the securing bolt and removing the front cover. The individual clamps have the following lettering:

N – zero conductor
L – phase

grounding (LHV 190, LHV 225, LHV 350, LHV 400)

CONTROLS: The fan is switched on and off by any external switch 230V / 50Hz.
FLOW DIRECTION: The direction of the exhaust air flow is from the front cover grille to the rear exhaust port. Changing the flow direction is not possible.

CONSTRUCTION: Fans can be mounted vertically on both the wall and the window. For installation in the glass, the fan is provided with a fixing plate that ensures a firm two-sided attachment to the window. When mounted on a wall, the fixing plate is dismantled and not used. Wall mounting is done with 4 screws at the corners of the cabinet.

EXTERNAL SEPARATE JOINTS: The LHV series fans can be fitted with an external cover with gravity blinds. These are supplied in identical diameters as fans and are made of the same material.

SPEED CONTROL: It is performed with electronic or transformer speed controllers by changing the voltage.

NOISE: The noise level is measured at a distance of 2 m in the suction axis when the fan is fully running.

MAINTENANCE: The front cover can be removed and cleaned after unscrewing the locking screw. As the terminal strip is uncovered when removing the front plate, the fan must first be disconnected from the power supply by switching off the circuit breaker.

GEAR: The LHV fans are equipped with a mounting plate for glass mounting. For mounting on the wall, this fixing plate is removed from the fan and is not used.


  • Modern design.
  • Multi Purpose Fan.
  • Impeller with Low Noise Profile and High Efficiency.
  • Protection guard on inlet side.
  • Easy to install and Clean.
  • Working temperature form 20c to 50 c.
  • Noise level Db(A) – 47.

Only suitable for air extraction, direct ventilation to the free